Welcome to Dancin Deer Studio Media Page: A studio where we feel that vibe wins out over sterile. Featuring the latest in Apple technology and a newly updated room sound.

Hard Rock Instrumental:

Crunch Mars Mission: [audio:crunchy_mars_mission_dda.mp3]
Sweet Dis o Nant: [audio:sweet_dis_o_nant_dda.mp3]

Edgy Cues & Soundtrack:

Action on the Grid: [audio:action_on_the_grid.mp3]
Going To Battle: [audio:going_to_battle.mp3]

Video Game Soundtrack:

Rugby EA ex1: [audio:rugby_ex1.mp3]
Rugby EA ex2: [audio:rugby_ex2.mp3]
Tiger Woods EA ex1: [audio:tigerwoods_ex1.mp3]
Tiger Woods EA ex2: [audio:tigerwoods_ex2.mp3]

Video Game Sound Design:

Alt. Rock:

Bad For You – Seth Horan: [audio:bad_for_you_seth_horan.mp3]
Beautiful – Seth Horan: [audio:beautiful_seth_horan.mp3]
New Here – The Pieces: [audio:new_here_the_pieces.mp3]

Alt. Acoustic:

Jupiter Bowl – Road To Zen: [audio:jupiter_bowl_rtz.mp3]

Female Singer Songwriter:

New Here – Dannielle Gaha: [audio:new_here_dannielle_gaha.mp3]
Cliques & Clichés – Megan Reardon: [audio:cliques_and_cliches.mp3]
Don’t Choose To Ignore – Heather Bradley: [audio:dont_choose_heather_bradley.mp3]