Welcome to Dancin Deer Studio Client Page: A studio where we feel that vibe wins out over sterile. Featuring the latest in Apple technology.

Here are some clients we’ve produced:

  • Robert Navarro
  • Jaco Caraco
  • Chris Hellstrom
  • Johnny Elkins
  • Jody Whitesides
  • Throwing Toasters (the greatest comedy rock band on the planet)
  • Bob Karwin (of Jimmy Buffet Parothead fame)
  • Seth Horan (former bassist of Vertical Horizon)
  • George Leger III
  • Nick Mattera
  • The Book
  • Debra Bishop
  • Jape
  • Left of You
  • PK Carter
  • Becker Convisor
  • Blk Diamond
  • Habitt
  • Fat Daddy Records

Here are some clients we’ve helped produce:

  • The Shower Singer (short film soundtrack)
  • Jeff Van Dyck (Rugby game soundtrack for EA, and Tiger Woods 2004)
  • Turbo Graphics (hold music & Voice over)
  • STS Media – Kings of Hip Hop DVD (Surround Sound Mix)
  • STS Media – GMS Payment systems video and soundtrack
  • STS Media – Barry Gibb music video audio cleanup
  • Chasing Leonard (short film audio mix & sound fx)

Relationships with:

  • The Refinery Creative (Movie Trailers)
  • Ra Audio
  • North Music Group

Other studios we work with:

  • Lurssen Mastering – Grammy winning Mastering.
  • Utopia Parkway Music – Excellent Juno Award Mastering and Tutorials.
  • Ra Audio – Top Notch Music for Libraries.
  • Donny Gruendler Drum Studio – Top Notch live drums.
  • Scotty Lund Drum Studio – Top Notch live drums.